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Radio Telescope Antenna

RF Planning and Optimisation

At GBS Wireless, we offer comprehensive RF planning and optimization services that help you maximize your network potential. We use advanced tools and techniques to analyze your network data and provide recommendations for improvement. We also implement the changes and measure the results to ensure that your network meets your expectations and goals. With our RF planning and optimization service, you can optimize your network performance and quality.

RF testing simulates multiple radio frequencies across the spectrum to ensure devices with integrated wireless technologies function seamlessly. The safe and effective use of radio frequencies is crucial for all devices with integrates wireless technologies. Moreover, high quality of services in mobile networks is the prerequisite for the commercial success for an operator. In the process of maintaining quality network for the user, continuous optimization is a process which focuses on the checking network quality and continuously take actions for repairs and adjustments as needed. Following are the operational activities which is supported by us to maintain the desired quality of the network.

  • Pre and Post site launch KPI’s (SCFT & SCVT)

  • Drive Test Analysis

  • VoLTE Performance Analysis

  • Dropped Call Analysis

  • Interference Analysis

  • Traffic and Throughput Analysis

  • Worst Cell Analysis

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